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The Friends of Bladon Methodist Church

Help keep Bladon Junior Church running by joining The Friends of Bladon Methodist Church

It costs a lot of money to keep Bladon Methodist Church running. Every year we have to pay in excess of £4,000 as part of our annual ‘assessment’ to The Methodist Church of Great Britain. In addition to this we have insurance, utility bills, maintenance and repair costs as well as a variety of other expenses. In the past our expenses were covered by the weekly offering from our congregation and church membership. 

In recent years, although the church is flourishing with a large and active Junior Church, the regular adult congregation has declined so we are increasing reliant on our strong network of Friends to assist in the running costs of the church.
​​The Friends

In 2007 we launched The Friends of Bladon Methodist Church. We are very lucky that we now have a strong network of Friends who support the work of our church. Some of our Friends are parents of children currently attending Junior Church or parents of those whose children have benefited from attending Junior Church in the past. Other Friends include those who attended Junior Church themselves when they were younger or villagers who support the work of our church in the local community. 

To join The Friends all you need to do is complete a simple application form. There is no obligation to make a financial commitment, just demonstrating your support for the church by becoming a Friend will help. However if you feel you are able to make a small but regular donation it will be really appreciated. 

If you feel you are able to become a Friend then please download and complete the following application form - we will really value your support..

Download Friends Application