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Last Web Poll : Which Junior Chuch Oldie should we dedicated a page too?
There was a large turnout for our Oldie Acting Poll and some allegations of vote rigging although no irregularities have been proven to date. The winner is Steve Moss with a stunning 52% of the vote. Steve started his career on stage as the back end of a camel in 1990 and many have said that his acting has gone downhill ever since! A page dedicated to Steve's "acting" career is currently under construction here,  meanwhile please vote in the new poll - go to the fun page NOW!
Do you have any news or gossip that could go on the website? Tell us at Junior Church or e-mail me. If you have any pictures or photographs that will be of interest to everyone else then we'd love to put them on display.
Junior Church Message Boards!
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Funny Wizard of Oz Photo!
Taken back stage during the show you must
see this
photograph ! !
click here
The result of the vote to decide on the animal at the Cotswold Wildlife Park has been announced . . . the Mongoose Party has won with a massive 40% of the vote. The Parrott Party
came in a very disappointing second place, despite it's huge publicity campaign. A photograph of the winning candidateis now available by clicking the moongoose picture.
We received a picture from Nzingo, our sponsored child in Kenya. Here it is.
Sad Hobby! Philip has become a contributer to The Oxford Bus Page -follow this link and then scroll about halfway down the page to see one of the photo's he's submitted. And don't forget to make fun of him at church about it!!
Do you want a page dedicated to Henry?
He's my hero 39%
Who is Henry? 6%
You must be joking! 42%
Animal Election
Mongoose Party 40%
Parrot Party 36%
Others 24%
Favourite Book ?
Harry Potter 20%
Wizard of Oz 20%
Lion, Witch & Wardrobe 60%
Page for an Oldie
Steve Moss 52%
Henry Manuel 24%
Karen Hodge 4%
Emily Piggott 12%
Tom Saunders 8%
World Exclusive ! ! !
Michelle is captured with a dustpan and brush, helping to clean up - an extremely rare sight and never before caught on film! Click on picture > > >
Do you remember the hand in the organ??!!
Click on the waving
hand to see more hands
Who is Amber always on the phone to?!
Hannah's New Job
Hannah has been promoted from serving cream teas at the tea rooms next to the church and has now become a chambermaid at The Bear Hotel in Woodstock. Will she look like the portrait on the right?! I suspect now - I think this will be more like it!! Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) it means Hannah won't be around on Sunday mornings for a while - untill she gets dismissed that is!

If it's your birthday then HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make sure your birthday is written on the birthday chart at church!
Luke confirmed as the new David Bailey
Master photographer Luke Drummond has been hailed as the new David Bailey after the stunning
set of pictures taken at a local Egg Rolling event in the village of Bladon in Oxfordshire. See his works of art by clicking on the camera on the right!
Church Attendance
Regular attendance at church is very important and all Junior Church members are expected to be present on a Sunday morning or otherwise have a VERY GOOD excuse. Statistics will be recorded and offenders disciplined - click on the graph on the right for more information.
     World Cup fever hit the Junior Church over the
   summer with our World Cup Sweepstake. All participants picked a team out the hat and then followed the tournament with interest. Click on the ref to see the results and the winner receiving their prize
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