What I
Some thoughts of the present day Junior Church members:

"I have found that learning can be fun. We learn things from the bible by making them into news broadcasts, like the battle of Jerico. I also like the plays, the rehearsals and the costumes. I like the cooking but I don't like eating the things I make!" Fiona

"I started when I was three and one of my fondest memories was when I was a mouse in a play. I like doing the productions. I have found out that learning about God can be fun. I also enjoy playing the instruments. I love Junior Church and if it was gone a big chunk of my life would go."

"When I first came to Junior Church I was four. People were very nice and kept saying "Ahhh" to me which was very annoying." Paul

"The first play I did was Jesus Christ Superstar and it was fun. I also liked it when we were doing a building play and the plastic wall fell down. All the things we do I enjoy, especially all the plays and I always like my part. When we were doing a concert we sang 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' and I just started laughing till tears rolled down my cheeks then everyone else started laughing. I just love Junior Church." Heather

"I like going to the Christmas parties and I like cooking and singing and acting in the plays but best of all I like making paper aeroplanes!" Felix

"I started Junior Church when I was five years old. The first play I did was 'Santa and the Snowmobile'." Hannah

"The most funny time I had at Sunday School was when we went to Murcott Church and there were a load of flies on the ceiling!" Emily