The following are some early recollections of Sunday School activities:

"Ron Nappin and I used to sit together in the chapel. We always used to sit in the front of the side pews. Joseph Colgrove was the preacher in the pulpit. We had these hymn books are we used to tear out a page and fold it up. We had a piece of elastic and we'd fire it up into the pulpit. We were singing this particular hymn one day and we bombarded him. He came down from the pulpit, still singing, and clouted Ron Nappin and I. He never said a word and went back up into the puplit again!  Charles French

When I was a member of the Sunday School we used to have to attend four times each Sunday. Firstly we would arrive at 10am for Sunday School and then at 11am we were expected to attend morning service. We were back at 2pm for more lessons and finally the day rounded off at 6pm with an evening service. I wonder how many of the present day scholars would appreciate that!  Margaret Minte

I can remember going by coach on a trip to Islip, a long way in those days, to see ducks and goats. The journey itself was a source of excitement for us and we sang songs such as 'I'm H-A-P-P-Y'. At our destination we had a picnic down by the river.  Francis Berry

I enjoyed Good Friday going around the village with the banner. Easter Sunday was also a day we looked forward to. Our Granny made us three girls new dresses to wear. This was a great occasion as these were the only new clothes we had. Anything else was hand-me-downs.  Ivy Shayler.

We went around the village on Good Friday singing hymns and then we had tea which included slabs of very yellow cake which we called 'Canary Cake'. I suppose we enjoyed it but I wouldn't touch it now! Then we scrambled for unwrapped sweets in Mr Fryer's field. What matter that the cows had only just been removed to the barn! What was a little bit of dirt compared to the joy of sucking a sweet! We didn't appear to come to any harm.  Edith Moss