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Argentina (MADDIE + EUAN) 4 - 1 South Korea (AMELIA + KITTY)
In the end big win for MADDIE & EUAN. They went into an easy 2-0 advantage, before letting their standards slip, allowing AMELIA & KITTY to cut their lead down, and then almost to level it, but at the crucial moment, they failed to take advantage. It looked a bit hairy for MADDIE & EUAN, but two late goals finished thing s off, and sent MADDIE & EUAN flying into the second round with a game to spare. Congratulations to MADDIE & EUAN for being the first competitiors to qualify for stage 2 of the BJC world cup sweepstake!
Not the end of the world by any means for AMELIA & KITTY - a win over out of form PAT would give them an excellent chance of taking the second qualifying spot.

Greece (JAMIE + JOSIE) 2 - 1 Nigeria (PAT)
After the fist round of games it was difficult to see how JAMIE & JOSIE could possibly get a win out of this - especially against PAT, an experiences BJC sweepstake campaigner, who was smarting after losing her first game. It looked even more unlikely when PAT took an early lead. She was focussing her anger into a positive force. HOWEVER, then she lost her control, and a vicious strike out caused her to be reduced to ten men. It was totally out of character for PAT, as she lost her temper completely. A shocking and disgraceful moment, a real blight on the noble sport of BJC sweepstakes. Now PAT had completely lost the picture, and a quick tactical change from JAMIE & JOSIE changed things completely. They soon levelled matters, ans it was only a matter of time before they went ahead. This they did, and there was no way back for PAT who had completely lost the plot.

Half a chance for JAMIE/ & JOSIE to qualify. There is still a chance for PAT as well, but she MUST control her discipline and bad, bad temper.

France (JESSIE) 0 - 2 Mexico (ELENA)
Oh dear. This was a battle of two newcomers, two deutants to BJC sweepstake. One of them failed totally to come to terms with what is required in this competition, the other took the bull by the horns, and took their chance.

Sadly for JESSIE, she was the one totally out of sorts. A pitiful display, with no determination, effort or desire. She never looked like she would get going, whereas ELENA was positive and determined, and was fully deserving of this win, which stands her in really good stead for getting to the next round. For JESSIE, well she really needs a miracle. And she needs to look at herself as well. A lot of soul searching is required on her part.
Germany (NATASHA) v Serbia (STELLA)
England (CARLA) v Algeria (MARK)

So for today. After Natasha easily saw off STEVE & CLAIRE (  ), will she be equally as ruthless to little STELLA? Or will STELLA have something up her sleeve. A real David and Goliath encounter.....

A win for GOERGE & MATILDA will put them pretty much in the next round. BETH needs a result, a defeat would put her in real trouble.

COME ON ENGLAND!!!! Er, I mean, CARLA needs to pick herself up after her terrible mistake denied her a win. MArk is looking weak at the moment, but CARLA must keep her composure, a win would go a long way to resting the demons of last Saturday, as well as putting her in good shape for the qualifying for Round 2
Germany (NATASHA) 0 - 1 Serbia (STELLA)
Wow. A real shock. After NATASHA beat STEVE & CLAIRE so convincingly, she was expected to go on and complete another easy win over little STELLA, in her first ever sweepstake competition. Far from it.

After a bright start, NATASHA managed to get her star striker sent off, for what seemed very harsh two bookings. STELLA immediataly took advantage of the upheaval by taked an unexpected lead.

Things got worse for NATASHA. After missing a few blatant chances to level matters, she then managed to tkae easily the worst penalty of the competition so far! And STELLA went on to record an astonishing win. So from a near guranteed promotion, NATASHA will be kicking herself (though if she's anything like her players, she'll miss). As for STELLA - she's right back in it!

Slovenia (GEORGE + MATILDA) 2 - 2 USA (BETH)
Another good game this one. BETH had an awful start, GEORGE & MATILDA took complete control in the first half, storming to an excellent 2-0 lead, and looking like easy winners. But BETH is an old pro at BJC sweepstakes, and she fought back in the second half to level it 2 a-piece.

There was then great contreversy, as BETH had a perfectly legitimate winning goal disallowed. Reflief for GEORGE & MATILDA, but frustration and anger for BETH, as it denied the ultimate comeback.

BETH was believed to be fuming about the disallowed goal afterwards, and people are warned not to approach her for their own safety.
England (CARLA) 0 - 0 Algeria (MARK)
Oh dear. The knives are out for Carla! What a pitiful display. Showing no passion or desire, Carla limped home for a terrible goalless draw. Mark played with a bit of positivity and could have snatched an unlikely win. But Carla's pampered prima donnas played like they couldn't care less. Carla has had an absolute slaughtering in the press since, and qualification for the next round depends on winning her last group game, which on this eveidence seems unlikely. What should have been an easy group for her has become a slog. Qualification is unlikely for Mark, but he has at least put up a fight.

The Netherlands (LUKE) 1 - 0 Japan (HEATHER + OLIVIA)
LUKE was expected to win this battle, which he did. But he struggled throughout to break down HEATHER & OLIVIA's strong defence. One defining moment, a ferocious drive, finally broke their will to give LUKE his victory. And he almost let it slip at the death, but he held on for an unconvincing win.

Ghana (IZI) 1 - 1 Australia (STEVE + CLAIRE)
A real battle of two mighty titans of BJC sweepstake - IZI against STEVE & CLAIRE! Nothing was spared in a battle that in the end gave nothing to either competitor.
STEVE & CLAIRE, desperate to produce a better display than their first terrible defeat to NATASHA, took an early lead, catching IZI off guard to make an early devastating blow. However, the glory was short lived, as IZI levelled matters, and STEVE & CLAIRE were reduced to ten men. This should have been the signal for IZI to lead a full scale attack, and kill the contest off. But it never happened, and indeed STEVE & CLAIRE could have won in the end in a battle that swung both ways throughout. A draw helps neither, and leaves this group wide, wide open.

Cameroon (JONATHAN TODD) 1 - 2 Denmark (GARRY + HANNAH)
TODD terminated! Disaster for the Reverand! JONATHAN TODD crashed out of the world cup at the hands of GARRY & HANNAH. After both losing thier first game, it was vital that they won this encounter. Of course there could only be one winner, and it looked like JONATHAN might claim a vital victory. GARRY & HANNAH dilly-dallied in front of goal, and JONATHAN pounced, like a tiger pounces on his prey, and took the lead.

But GARRY & HANNAH fought back, and drew level. REV TODD retaliated, and fought hard for victory. With every desperate lunge, and with every muscle in his body, he fought like a caged animal to get the victory he so desperately need to retian his hope for BJC sweepstake glory.

But in his desperation to win, he left himself vulnerable for attack. And indeed GARRY & HANNAH struck a decisive blow. REV TODD fell to his knees, and crashed out of the tournament.

It means REV JONATHAN TODD is the first competitor who cannot mathematically qualify for the next round. He is out. All his pre-tournament talk at the christening last week was hot air. He fell on his laurels. His sorry carcus was dragged off of the arena, his held bowed in shame. A sad sad ending to his campaign. Goodness only knows what his service will be like this morning....
Slovakia (PETER) 0 - 2 Paraguay (ROSIE + LILY)
Ha ha! Peter lost to a 2 year old!!
Seriously, Messageboard regular PETER's chances of qualifying were severely dented at the hands of ROSIE & LILY, who ran out easy winners. A terrific first half goal gave ROSIE & LILY a deserved lead, which they increased late on in the game to wrap things up.
Disappointing for PETER, who was unable to seriously threaten during the game, no doubt he never recovered fully from the heartbreaking late goal he conceded in his first game. Sadly, he looks to be leaving the competition with a whimper. A win in his last game is a MUST. But it's a tough ask.....

Italy (ANYA + BEN) 1 - 1 New Zealand (HEN + JESS)
A terrific result for HEN & JESS. Against the odds they held ANYA & BEN to a shock draw. Using all his tactical knowledge, HEN was able to draw first blood. This took ANYA & BEN by surprise, though they were able to level matters - Hen & JESS' one mistake all day cruelly taken advantage of. This set the scene for ANYA & BEN to take the victory. But the expected siege never materialised, and it was no more than a damp squib. What a result for HEN & JESS, it gives them an unexpected good chance to progress to the next round. But they have an almighty battle to win before that...
Brazil (TOM RAMLI-D + DAD) 3 - 1 Ivory Coast (ELLY)

A sterling effort by ELLY, but sadly to no avail as she was well beaten in the end by TOM RAMLI-D and his DAD. As you know, Steve RD is a chef, and his team served up a real treat in this game. Like a freshly caught cod in Steve RD’s kitchen, Elly was completely battered. Though ELLY fought manfully to keep the RDs at bay, it wasn’t long before they broke down her defences, after they had chipped away for quite a while,
TOM & DAD turned up the heat, and ELLY started to melt. TOM & DAD’s first goal was a soup-erb strike. But there was something fishy about their second goal, with two possible hand balls. The third goal was the icing on the cake, though. Like a fresh loaf of wholemeal bread, they sliced through ELLY’s defence many times. A consolation goal for ELLY did nothing to stop TOM & DAD’s excellent form. They are on a roll.

Portugal (NING + OLIVIA-ROSE) 7 - 0 North Korea (KATY)
Oh dear. Yes, Katy, that's SEVEN!
It's fair to say that KATY took a right old hammering against NING & OLIVIA-ROSE. This is a record victory in BJC sweepstake history.
KATY did well against TOM RD & DAD, but all her defensive strengths were absent this time. She was, quite literally, torn to shreds, smashed to smithereens, taken apart.
Although NING gets credit, the real success story behind this victory is the emergence of young OLIVIA-ROSE. The 5-month-old was a mighty powerhouse. She absolutely destroyed KATY almost single-handed, blow after blow, punch after punch, knockout after knockout. If it were a boxing match, it would have been over in seconds. She kicked KATY when she was down. Mercilessly and effortlessly, time after time, she beat KATY into a pulp. A bloody mess. KATY was dragged away from the arena, barely recognisable, such was the state she was in. What a beating she suffered.
NING & OLIVIA-ROSE are in unbeatable form at the moment. Can they carry it on and destroy everything else that crosses their path?

Chile (AMY) 1 - 0 Switzerland (ANNABEL)
AMY, who won the BJC EURO 2008 sweepstake, has made a good start to this year's competition, with 2 wins so far. Although ANNABEL was able to shock Amelia & Kitty, she didn't fare so well against old pro AMY. One slip, one momentary lapse of concentration cost her. AMY used all the skills she learnt playing netball to good effect.

Spain (AMELIA + KITTY) 2 - 0 Honduras (JOSH + DOM)
Well this contest was never really in doubt. the only surprise was that AMELIA & KITTY didn't win by more.
AMELIA & KITTY were well on top throughout, and it seemed only a matter of time before JOSH & DOM capitulated.
Capitulate they did, and AMELIA & KITTY cruised through.
JOSH & DOM are certainly letting the Ramli-Davies family down. TOM & STEVE RD are flying, NATASHA, although she lost last time out, still looks likely to get through the group stages, whilst sadly, JOSH & DOM have failed miserably to use their football knowledge to good use. And whilst their family members continue to progress, they will exit the competition, heads bowed in shame

An interesting tussle has developed in this group, with AMY set to meet AMELIA & KITTY, whilst ANNABEL faces JOSH.

AMY needs a draw to qualify, which would send AMELIA & KITTY crashing out if as expected, ANNABEL beats JOSH & DOM.

If ANNABEL wins, and AMY loses, SHE will be knocked out, and ANNABEL and AMELIA & KITTY will go through.

If ANNABEL fails to win, she could be on her way home.

ALL to play for!

France (JESSIE) v South Africa (THE PATTERSONS)Mexico (ELENA) v Uruguay (THE RUMSBYS)

Now this is intriguing. Basically, JESSI and THE PATTERSONS HAVE to win. If either do, , they then need either ELENA to beat THE RUMSBYs of vice versa. If either fail, (ie it's a draw) then THE RUMSBYS and ELENA automatically qualify.

IF ELENA v THE RUMSBYs ends in a draw, they BOTH qualify. End of. If one of them loses, then the loser could well be caught by JESSIE or THE PATTERSONS.......

I have heard some disturbing news.

AS you know, this afternoon is Mexico (ELENA) v Uruguay (THE RUMSBYS)

IF this games ends in a draw, both of these competitors qualify for the second round

This means that no matter what happens in the other game (PATTERSONS v JESSIE) they are out, RUMSBYs and ELENA go through.

I have heard rumours in the national press that PHIL has been ringing ELENAs house, trying to persuade her to play out a goalless draw, ensuring it ends in qualification for both teams.

Phil, could you confirm or deny these rumours.

If it is true, then the RUMSBYs could be thrown out of the competition.

Well, plenty of drama today....

France (JESSIE) 1 - 2 South Africa (THE PATTERSONS)
Well, that's that for JESSIE. Overall a poor tournament for her. Two defeats, three poor performances, dressing room unrest, a player sent home for attacking the coach, the rest of her squad threatening to boycott the last game. What a disaster, things couldn't have gone much worse really.
Then today, she was soundly beaten again, after being reduced to ten men. Nothing but a victory would give her any hope of qualifying for the next round. Sadly, she was 2 down by half time, and though she got a consolation late on, she left the competition with a whimper.
So that's JESSIE gone as well, what of the PATTERSONs? A good performance today, but they needed aeith THE RUMSBYs of ELENA to record a resounding win to give them any chance of progressing to the next round....

Mexico (ELENA) 0 - 1 Uruguay (THE RUMSBYS)
Wow, ANOTHER impressive win for PHIL's lean, mean Rumsby machine. Although little ELENA did her best, she was unable to cope with the combined strength of six RUMSBYs at their physical peak on her own. She was swept aside, like a cobweb in Goo's feather duster. The RUMSBYs top the group comfortably, win 2 wins and 1 draw. There was no match for them in the group stages, and they move on, highly fancied to progress quite far in this competition. This RUMSBY lot are ones to watch. And maybe ones to fear.....

But all is not lost for ELENA, as event elsewhere had no impact on the outcome of this group, and she also qualifies for the next round. It's tough on the PATTERSONs, thogh they did well in their first ever BJC sweepstake, coming away with a win and a draw. In some groups this would be enough to have qualified for the next round, but not in this group sadly. JESSIE leaves the contest as well, sadly, with a whimper.
Argentina (MADDIE + EUAN) 2 - 0 Greece (JAMIE + JOSIE)
Another, poor, negative, defensive display from JAMIE & JOSIE ultimately got what it deserved - nothing. Though they did well to hold MADDIE & EUAN back for quite a while, the outcome was never in doubt once the first blow was struck. JAMIE & JOSIE seemed unable to find a way to attack MADDIE & EUAN, and they doubled their lead just before the end to send JAMIE & JOSIE crashing out of the competition. So congrats to MADDIE & EUAN, they top the group and qualify for round two, where ELENA awaits them...
For JAMIE & JOSIE, despair, humiliation and an abrupt end to their BJC world cup sweepstake campaign.

Nigeria (PAT) 2 - 2 South Korea (AMELIA + KITTY)
A real cracker this - basically a draw or a win would be enough for AMELIA & KITTY to qualify for round two. Only a win would be enough to give PAT any chance of getting to the next round. As you know, PAT was in a mean mood after two defeats, but she focussed her energy to force herself in front. A good start in a game she simply HAD to win at all costs.
But her lack of self control let her down yet again. She gave away a stupid free kick - and it was level. She gave away another stupid free kick, she was behind.
BUT it got WORSE for her! the MISS of the tournament, the year, the decade, the century! An open goal somehow put wide. Maybe she switched off. I doubt she'll get much sleep tonight after THAT. Though she did level matters, she had another chance to gain victory. With Amelia & KITTY vulnerable and out of position, one big blow from PAT would send them crashing to the floor, battered, bruised and BEATEN. But again she MISSED her chance. It meant she bowed out of the tournament, and AMELIA & KITTY held on to gain second spot and qualification for round 2. PAT will be distraught, angry, hurt. She had a eral chance to go through/ How she failed will doubtedly haunt her for the rest of her days. I think Tony Clapton will be used as a punch bag tonight. PAT is best avioded for a few days....
So in round two later in the week we wil have:

South Korea (AMELIA + KITTY) v Uruguay (THE RUMSBYS)


Argentina (MADDIE + EUAN) v Mexico (ELENA)

These two epic encounters will beplayed over one game. No replays - one chance. one chance only. No 2nd or 3rd games to fall back on like in the groups stages. It's now winner takes all.

The RUMSBYS, in such good form at the moment, against AMELIA & KITTY, who have really fought hard for everything they have got so far. Noone will be able to stop for s econd in this vicious fight to the death...

MADDIE & EUAN mustn't make the same mistake as others have - assuming that little ELENA all on her own will be easy pickings. She has proved more than capable of sticking up for herself. If MADDIE & EUAN give her even the slightest chance to fight back, she will unleash an almighty backlash of devastating proportion upon them - as JESSIE and THE PATTERSONs will testify.

Things are really hotting up now!