Sponsored Sing
To raise money for the Junior Church, we held a Sponsored Sing. The children were sponsored to sing as many songs as they could. Plenty of refreshments were provided to keep us going throughout the afternoon - although to give us an incentive, we weren't allowed to drink or eat anything until we had reached twenty songs!
We got a little depressed when, after an hour, we had sung less than thirty songs! However we kept going, choosing some shorter songs and occasionally omiting some verses to get the "song total" higher quicker!
By 5pm we were in the nineties and decided that a hundred songs would be realistic target! At 5.30pm, three hours after we started we enthusiastically sung the one hundreth song which was followed by a round of applause. Then the remainder of the refreshements were 'demolished' before we went home, exhausted but pleased that we had done so well.
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