Sleepover - February 2005
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This is our third sleepover - we've also had a Millennium Sleepover and a Summer Sleepover.
Bad hair day!
At 8am we had breakfast before tidying up the church ready for the morning service. Despite little or no sleep, over twenty of the children stayed for Junior Church where luckily the preacher kept the prayers short to avoid everyone dropping off the sleep! Despite the fact it took most of Sunday to recover, everyone really enjoyed the event and had a great time!
How many of you have spent a night in a church? Well, during February over thirty Junior Church children spent the night in Bladon Methodist Church. The evening was spent watching DVD’s and playing board games, snooker and video games as well as enjoying a delicious meal of sausage and chips.
At around midnight the lights were turned off in the church and everyone settled down to listen to ghost stories (accompanied by the odd sound effect that had been rigged up earlier!). After we’d finished frightening ourselves, some of the children went to sleep whilst the majority talked and giggled into the early hours. The snooker table and video games had been moved into the schoolroom and a few of the children continued playing on these throughout the night and didn’t get a wink of sleep!
By 11am!
Asleep . . and waking up!