Old Pictures from Egg Rolling
Here are some pictures from our Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Rolling over the years.
The more recent pictures are at the top.

As you can see from the photos below, we don't just do egg rolling! The afternoon includes an egg hunt, egg and spoon race, obstacle race and a tug-of war!
Don't get impatient ! ! ! When you've finished:

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The Obstacle Race
Opps . . . .and off again ! !
Tug of War
Group photo
More Egg and Spoon
Egg Rolling
How to cheat at the Egg & Spoon race - squash your creme egg on to the spoon!
How to retreive your Easter Egg in 4 easy steps when it's taped to a branch up a tree - just pull the tree down!
How to retrieve your egg when it's 20 feet up a tree - get one of the more agile younger kids to climb up and get it for you (after first having made a spectacle of yourself)
Nice photo of the tug of war!

Egg and spoon
Preparing to roll eggs