Deddington Walk 2009
In May the Junior Church took part in The Deddington Walk – a 6.5 mile themed walk around the beautiful Cherwell Valley. The theme of this year’s walk was Music Makers and our older members were dressed in costume acting as route marshals. After the walk we enjoyed a free lunch and entertainment at The Windmill Centre in Deddington. As part of the entertainment the Junior Church performed two Elvis songs with our very own Elvis lookalike Steve Moss!
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Starting the walk
After 500 yards we meet the first route marshall - our very own Ely, dressed as someone that I can't remember!
We reach the centre of Deddington
And find Madonna aka Amy!
Another short walk down the main road . . .
And we meet Natasha, Gemma and Beth
Moments later there is confusion over the route!
Once the confusion is sorted out we meet Frankie
And then plod onwards through a cornfield
At this stage spirits are still high
Some 'walkers' have a bit of assistance
We negiotiate streams . .
Before meeting Dolly Parton
We then arrive at the refreshment stop - we're half way!
We set off again . . .
However by this time tempers are frayed !
We suddenly come across Elvis!
Who leads us across a field - we're homeward bound!
The weather is closing in as we meet Bob Marly
At this point the camera batteries run out, however we make it back to The Windmill Centre in Deddington in time for the barbie!
Thanks to Claire for the pictures.
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